Q. Why can’t all the equipment that I ordered be shipped at the same time?
A. Most orders involve equipment from multiple manufacturers or distributors. Rather than charge additional freight and handling to ship to our warehouse, we have our suppliers drop-ship directly to our customer.

Q. Why do I receive multiple invoices?
A. We invoice as equipment ships, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Q. Why don’t you send statements?
A. Saves time and trees.


Q. Can you help me size and select a (booster, sump, sewage, circulating, etc.) pump?
A. YES. For fastest service use one of our forms or call 1-800-74PUMPS during business hours. Use one of our convenient forms: Booster System Sizing or Sump Sizing

Q. Can fiberglass basins be used in traffic areas, such as parking garages?
A. YES. The basin/cover package can be designed for most traffic loads.

Q. Are your booster systems ANSI/NSF61 certified as required by the California plumbing code?
A. YES, we offer IAPMO certified systems. Due to spotty enforcement and extra cost, NSF61 certification is OPTIONAL.

Q. Do you offer SSC and OSP shake table testing and certification?


Q. What is the connection, if any, between Weil Aquatronics and Weil Pump Company?
A. None, since 1964.

Q. Are your prices higher because your equipment is specified so often?
A. We have a simple pricing policy: you can have it FAST, CHEAP, or PER SPEC (pick any TWO).

Q. What are your hours of operation
A. Weil Aquatronics is located at 115 E. Palmer Avenue, Glendale,CA 91205-3122
Our Business Hours are Monday – Friday 7:30AM – 4:30PM Pacific Time
Our Telephone number is 1-800-74 PUMPS (1-800-747-8677)

Q. What guarantees do your products carry?
A. All of our products carry the manufacturers full warranty. We do not sell any gray market items.