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Booster Systems

Packaged Booster Stations

Weil Aquatronics has been furnishing packaged pumping systems since the late 1960’s. Back then we recognized that the market for factory assembled and tested equipment would be driven by the same philosophy that Gene Weil (our founder) advanced for all our products: specified quality and single source responsibility. Eliminating as many of the variables with field erected equipment as possible assures that the owner will receive a quality product whose performance, not just material and workmanship, is guaranteed by the manufacturer. We are proud to represent manufacturers of packaged pumping systems for domestic water, irrigation, municipal, fire protection and variable speed HVAC applications. A wide selection of pumps, tanks and valves assures a well-designed system to fit your needs. Every packaged pumping system is UL listed and ANSI/NSF 61 & 372 certified. Prior to shipment, each system is electrically, hydrostatically and flow tested at job conditions. The manufacturing and testing are designed to assure ease of installation, simplified start-up procedures, and many years of trouble free service.

  • All systems factory tested at design conditions – assures trouble-free startup

  • Every Component – Differential Pressure and Flow Sensors/transmitters, Variable Frequency Drives, Pumps, Valves, Direct Digital Controls, All Safety Devices – Factory Tested and calibrated to design conditions prior to shipment

  • UL Listed Controls under Section 508a

  • UL Listed and ETL Certified Package Systems

  • ANSI/NSF 61 & 372 certified systems to meet California Plumbing Code requirements

  • Full interface capability with Building Management Systems for easier integration of the packaged pumping system with the rest of the facility. Saves time, money and personnel training

  • Qualified service technicians for electronic and mechanical equipment in all major cities

  • Many systems available to meet your budget.

Variable Speed Constant Pressure Booster Systems

With ongoing technical improvements and cost reductions in variable frequency drives (VFD’s), it has become cost effective (in terms of energy savings, lower maintenance, and higher reliability) to utilize variable speed for most domestic water booster pumping applications. If the pressure transducer(s) is located near the top of the building riser(s), we can maintain the pressure at this point regardless of demand in the rest of the building. A major advantage of the variable speed system is that it can process signals from one (or more) areas of the project and automatically adjust the system output to match the demand. All of our variable speed systems have built-in modems or LAN connections for remote programming and diagnosis. We can easily reprogram the controller without expensive EPROM chips or factory technicians.

Weil Aquatronics offers energy and payback analysis comparing constant speed to variable speed systems, based on duty cycles and cost per kilowatt hour.

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