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Inline Wastewater Pumping Solutions

Eliminate the Wet Well with OverWatch® Direct In-Line Pump Systems

OverWatch® Direct In-Line Pump Systems have patented technology designed to lift influent at the point of entry, eliminating the wet well and the problems that come with it. Overwatch systems also have smart sensors that adjust in real time to manage flow and avoid clogs, reducing maintenance time and costs. The optional DIPCut® impeller spins in one direction for pumping and can automatically reverse direction to shred debris once it senses a blockage.


The benefits of OverWatch® Direct In-Line Pump Systems:

  • Lower installation costs and improved environmental impact with less evasive ground excavation

  • Patented impeller/shredder cuts fibrous materials and other solids

  • Dramatically reduced downtime from clogged pumps

  • Prevents sand and grease accumulation

  • Averts escape of dangerous gases (H2S) and odors

  • Eliminates hazardous environment classification

  • Stainless steel construction forestalls equipment corrosion and structural erosion

  • Variable Speed Drives for continuous modulated pumping saves energy 

    • Self-Monitoring

    • Smart sensing – adjusts in real time to manage flow

    • Eliminates float switches and explosion-proof ratings

    • Less fluid detention time

    • Detects and removes clogs without human intervention

    • Remote monitoring options

  • Reduced maintenance time and costs

  • Safer working environment for maintenance crews – eliminates hazards associated with a wet well

  • Over 2000 successful installations worldwide

OverWatch® delivers outstanding performance supported by industry-leading lead times, personalized customer service and best-in-class technical support.

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