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Product Spotlight: GreenSmart Actuated Bypass and Diverter Systems

In today's world, efficient water management is critical. As we face increasing environmental challenges, the need for advanced systems that can handle non-potable water sources and specialized waste is more pressing than ever. GreenSmart systems were developed specifically to address the requirements of Alternate Non-Potable Water Source Applications, Indirect and Special Wastes, Rainwater, and other scenarios where controlled, directional, and separational flow is crucial.

One of the standout features of GreenSmart Diverters is their compliance with industry standards. All GreenSmart diverters undergo rigorous third-party testing and meet the requirements of IAMPO PS 59 and IAPMO IGC 352. These certifications affirm GreenSmart’s commitment to quality and reliability, positioning their products as the industry standard for such valves.

Safety and control are at the forefront of GreenSmart’s design. Each GreenSmart Bypass and Diverter system is equipped with a Battery Backup Failsafe. This essential feature limits overflow and flood exposure, ensuring continuous protection even in the event of a power outage. Additionally, these systems come with advanced logic boards and data output capabilities, facilitating seamless integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) and BACnet for enhanced control and communication.

GreenSmart offers a range of diverter sizes to cater to various needs. Their systems are available in sizes ranging from 2” to 12”, accommodating a wide array of applications. For specialized chemical waste uses, GreenSmart provides CPVC valves in sizes from 2” to 4”, ensuring that even the most challenging environments are managed effectively.

GreenSmart systems offer the reliable, efficient, and safe solutions needed to meet these challenges head-on.

For more information on how GreenSmart can revolutionize your water and waste management systems, contact us today! 1-800-74-PUMPS

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