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Sump & Sewage

  • Eliminates the wet well with patented technology that lifts influent at point of entry

  • Lower installation costs and improved environmental impact with less evasive ground excavation

  • Patented DIPCut® impeller option pumps and shreds

  • The DIPCut® impeller can reverse direction to shred fibrous material causing blockages

  • Detects and removes clogs without human intervention

  • Self-monitoring options

  • Submersible, vertical, and dry pit sewage and sump pumps; stainless steel and high-temperature options

  • Condensate return, boiler feed, and circulating pumps

  • Submersible and vertical grinder pumps, “Slicer” pumps, vortex pumps, “Scum Blaster” systems

  • Prefabricated lift stations

  • High-efficiency water pressure booster system packages, UL and NSF certified

  • Submersible and dry pit non-clog sewage, effluent, and wastewater pumps

  • Grinder pumps, cutter pumps, vortex, jacketed pumps, and portable dewatering pumps

  • High temperature and corrosion-resistant pumps

  • 10 GPM to over 10,000 GPM, 1/2 HP to over 500 HP

  • Air-operated, clog-proof, odor-free Pneumatic Ejectors

  • Self-priming Diaphragm Pumps for viscous liquids

  • High-pressure positive displacement Plunger pumps

champion-pump (1).png
  • Sump & utility, effluent, double-seal grinder, and non-clog sewage pumps

  • Elevator pump systems for ASME A17.1 compliance

  • Fiberglass basins and packaged lift stations

  • Control panels; float switches & alarms; backup systems; check valves; guide rail components

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