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Submersible Pumps

Weil Aquatronics offers SUBMERSIBLE style centrifugal sump and sewage pumps from the industry’s premier manufacturers. Submersible pumps are characterized by a special motor designed to operate completely immersed in water. The motor shaft is directly coupled to the pump assembly and isolated from the pumpage by a precision mechanical seal. The entire assembly operates entirely within the wet well.

Some of the many benefits of this arrangement are:

  • Sealed unit, no maintenance

  • Quiet operation

  • No floor space required

  • Available with guide rail quick disconnect systems to eliminate need to enter wet well for service

  • Optional explosion proof motors listed for use in hazardous locations

  • Lower power consumption compared to long shaft pumps

IMPORTANT NOTE: Insist on pumps that are listed and labeled by third party independent test labs (UL, ETL, FM. CSA, etc.). Most jurisdictions require these approvals. It is also your assurance that the pump has been tested and certified to meet stringent safety standards. Don’t risk the liability of accepting a non-listed pump!

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