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Water Recovery and Recycling

Weil Aquatronics is the exclusive sales rep in Southern California for the Intewa AquaLoop rainwater/greywater recycling system.

AquaLoop is the only greywater recycling system certified at the commercial scale for NSF 350, as required by the City of LA and most other jurisdictions. Taking water from showers, laundry, and lavatories inside the building, plus rainwater, the AquaLoop treatment system produces high-quality water that can be used for toilet flushing, cooling tower make up, and spray or drip irrigation.

NSF 350 certification requires that the system meet stringent water quality requirements over a 6-month period, with NO HUMAN intervention allowed.  This proves the system’s reliability.  Water quality is so good that can be safely stored for extended periods, unlike other greywater systems which do little to reduce bacteria or nutrients and must be used within 24 hours.

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